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5 Inspiring Midjourney Prompts That Yield Remarkable and Distinctive Images

PLUS: news from Adobe, Google, and Udio

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🕵️‍♀️ 5 Inspiring Prompts

Today, I'm excited to introduce a selection of unconventional Midjourney prompts suggested by top AI artists and experts. These prompts result in unique and truly captivating AI images. So, let's take a moment to appreciate these beautiful artworks together. Who knows, perhaps they will ignite your own artistic inspiration.

1. Close-up portrait

The first two prompts come from Nick St. Pierre, one of the top Midjourney experts. If you are on X (Twitter), make sure to follow Nick for Midjourney wisdom and inspiration.

Ilford Delta 3200 closeup portrait --chaos 100 --ar 4:5 --style raw --stylize 1000 --weird 3000 --niji 6 --no lamp

The prompt above can generate quite spectacular images but note the values of the --chaos and --weird parameters. Such high values imply that you’ll not get any standard or boring images with this prompt, but not all of the generated images will be as ethically pleasing as the one above. You may need a few re-rolls to get something like this.

2. Dramatic cinematic shot

It is quite easy to get cinematic shots from Midjourney using a few keywords, but this prompt below gives you truly captivating and unique images. Obviously, with such a high --weird parameter, some of the images will be just weird, but keep experimenting if you are interested in this style.

70mm cinematic, Yandere, Sukeban, Soft Macabre --ar 7:5 --style raw --weird 1000

3. Abstraction with Portraits

Next, we’ll see a few prompts from Jazno Francoeur, a professional artist with a talent for getting some extraordinary results from Midjourney.

In one of the experiments, Jazno has been adding math formulas in front of the Midjourney prompts and was able to achieve some amazing effects. See examples below.

ρ( ∂t ∂v +v⋅∇v)=−∇p+μ∇ 2 v+f style of confocal laser scanning microscope photography, white paper torn in Russian constructivist shapes emerging 2D to 3D revealing dictator staring at viewer contained in Kara Walker silhouettes, electroluminescence, Diebenkorn, extreme close-up --niji 6 --ar 2:1

4. Doppelgangers

In another experiment, Jazno combined random noise, a character reference image, and an unconventional prompt by Phantom AI Art, another AI digital creator, to get a set of captivating, surreal images.

[insert random equation for noise]::2 x-ray double exposure of a man's reflection as he transforms into pure energy over a mirrored puddle, over the shoulder view of feet hitting puddle, solargram, Kodak aerochrome::2 Trompe-l'œil Style, light painting photography style, street photography style, visionary environment style, with a spring green and light pink colors solarising effect with surreal colour gel yellow and purple tint effect and high key lighting::1 --cref https://s.mj.run/fYRKgg0Lz0Y --ar 2:1 --v 6.0

5. Whimsical Portraits

The final prompt is from Irina Shamaeva, an AI artist known for her distinctive approach to Midjourney prompts. She favors concise prompts, often blending entirely unrelated objects and topics. As a result, the images produced can vary greatly in style but are never mundane.

See below a few examples of her beautiful whimsical portraits.

Clockwork Orange --sref https://s.mj.run/Fjg2vs_x36g --v 6.0 --s 800

At times, I find myself growing weary of the repetitive nature of many AI images, which often appear rather lackluster. However, artists such as those showcased above demonstrate that AI-generated images can indeed possess genuine originality and artistic flair. Ultimately, AI is just a tool and the outcome hinges greatly on the creativity and skill of the individual using it.

Happy prompting!

🗞 News and Top Reads

  • Adobe has unveiled a series of new AI video features:

    • Premiere Pro now features AI-powered tools that enable users to extend video clips, add or remove objects from scenes, and generate B-roll footage in response to specific prompts.

    • These updates are powered by a new proprietary AI model called Firefly Video. It is reported that Adobe purchases video at $3 per minute to train its AI video models.

    • Adobe is also considering the incorporation of third-party AI models from companies like OpenAI, Runway, and Pika Labs into its platform.

  • In related developments, Google has announced the upcoming release of a new AI-powered video application named Vids, scheduled for release in June.

    • Vids will act as an all-encompassing assistant for writing, producing, and editing video content.

  • Google also plans to extend access to its Magic Editor AI Photo Tools to all users for free, but you’ll get only 10 saves per month without a paid subscription.

    • If you like the tool and need to go beyond the 10-image limit, you’ll either have to own one of Google's Pixel devices, or pay at least $10 per month for a Google One subscription. 

  • Udio, an impressive music-generation tool is a new viral AI thing of the week.

    • The tool was built by former Google DeepMind researchers.

    • Their ambition is “to make it easy for anyone to create emotionally resonant music in an instant.”

📌 AI Art Tutorial: 41 Midjourney Tips

In this informative video, Nolan offers many useful tips and tricks for Midjourney beginners. Although the video is lengthy, running 39 minutes, you can navigate quickly to your areas of interest using timestamps. The tutorial encompasses a range of topics, including negative prompting, style referencing, character referencing, multi-prompting, inpainting, and much more.

Polina Kostanda (also known as Polly) is a Ukrainian AI artist and poet. Her creative journey started in her youth when she wrote poetry and engaged in directing and acting in the theater. With the emergence of AI as an artistic tool, Polly has concentrated on creating images that provoke thought and stimulate the mind. She believes that the primary goal of creativity is to lead the viewer beyond the boundaries of conventional thinking and world perception.

🖼 AI-Assisted Artwork of the Week

🤓 A Comprehensive Midjourney Guide

To get a link to a comprehensive Midjourney guide, please subscribe to this newsletter. The guide is a dynamic document, which I intend to keep up-to-date with the latest Midjourney updates.

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